A blog to record my experience in getting a new garage built in Chicago by the company Garage King.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

All's well that ends well

After a few tries, the cement guy came back and fixed the garage floor. So everything pretty much turned out okay. I promised in an earlier post to give some thoughts on the whole process of buying a garage. I think what I mainly wanted to write about was the asymmetry of the purchase process. The salesperson sells lots of garages, maybe hundreds or thousands. I buy one garage, hopefully, in my entire life. The sales rep knows all of the details, all of the things I should be asking, and may or may not clue me into it. Like there being sales tax on the materials (but not the labor). And that there might be gotchas from the cement guy or the electrician. Buying cars falls into the same category, and houses too, and appliances. Any of the big ticket items. The Internet helps to level the playing field somewhat, by providing a mechanism for connecting the islands of experience. But that requires a lot of effort on the part of the consumer -- searches and reading and comparing and assessing and synthesizing. Not fun. jd


Christopher said...

James, I had a Garage King Garage built last September. I am having a huge problem with my concrete. Can you tell me who poured your slab? How did Garage King work to make you satisfied?

TTBP said...

I wish I had read this before getting into my own Garage King nightmare. These people are both incompetent, and manipulative. It amazes me that they even manage to stay in business. They've already lost at least three jobs that I could have sent their way. But, as it stands, I tell people to never, ever even consider using Garage King.
So who WAS your concrete guy?

James said...

The concrete work was done by someone named Jose (I think). Unfortunately I cannot locate my file of Garage King stuff -- in some recent tidy-up I managed to file it in so well I cannot find it right now.

The problem I had w/ the concrete was a low spot in the garage, so that if I hosed down the inside, water would pool in a corner and not drain out as promised. Jose eventually came out and basically filled in the low spot. I would use him for other concrete work.

I thought that the head of construction at Garage King (the one who coordinated the various crews) was helpful. The president wasn't helpful.

If they still don't satisfy you, I would contact the Better Business Bureau. I chose Garage King based on the number of complaints (relatively low I thought) and the number resolved. Even if you don't get satisfaction, you will have added to a record that maybe others will see.


Rosie Cruz said...

We are in the middle of a horrible fight with Garage King. They did our garage in October 2007. Jose did our cement work and it already has a huge crack that runs from one end of the garage to the other. They also did our cement patio and walkway. The walkway has holes, the patio dips in the middle so that water collects there and it has numerous cracks. In addition, the cement just looks horrible.

Garage King is doing NOTHING to make us satisfied except to continue to point out that the contract does not guarantee the cement work. They sent a new concrete guy out to look at the work and he agreed it was a really bad job. He suggested replacing huge chunks of it - but all at cost to us (estimated $3500 to repair). So we are essentially being asked to pay for the cement twice.

We make calls daily to Garage King but receive no response. Any suggestions?

TTBP said...

Update - I am now fighting a potential lien on my property by the concrete contractor, JRP Services/Steve Cieslak. Apparently GK is not paying HIM, so he's trying to come after ME to the tune of $6000. The numbers being presented to me don't even make any sense. I think I see a pattern here..... Get the contract signed, get a big deposit, start laying on the extra costs.

Avi said...

I recently had my garage build by Garage King and they did a flawless job. Everyone I worked with was friendly and the work got done in a timely manner. I have recommended Garage King to 4 others and they have all had the great experience I had. I am unaware of where all of these negative comments are coming from. As far as I am concerned Danley, and other competing companies, are fabricating these stories. I have spoken with the president many times and he has told me how Danley has been spreading rumers about his company. It is hard economic times for everyone these days and the competition for market share has risen dramatically, but it is a low blow to make up nasty stories about a company. Overall, I have had a great experience and will continue to recommend Garage King.

TTBP said...

Avi, I am happy to hear your experience went well, but mine was the complete opposite. And I think it's safe to say that none of the posts here were fabricated. They were rude, combative, liars. They didn't return phone calls, and the work was done in anything BUT a timely manner.

jerrylogansquare said...

i've got some problems with water coming in, and the concrete has cracked, but GK doesn't return phone calls on such matters.

DON'T even get me started about how the demolition guys tried to squeeze another $150 out of me.

Wasburn said...

I recently had Garage King build a Garage for me in Desplaines, Illinois. We are in a floodplaine. The concrete had to be poured 42inches high and 42 inches below grade, it ws the most amazing feat of engineering I have ever witnessed. It cost much more than I expected, but Gaage King got the job done. As far as the wreking crew they worked extremly hard my yar was all mud up to their knees. These blogs by your competitors should not be alowed don't let them get to you. And as far as I'm concerened if I guy building a $10,000 to $40,000 Garage is complaining about $150.00 For this kind of work he should be ashamed.