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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A bit more on the garage floor

Based on some comments added to the previous post, here is a bit more on the garage floor. One corner had a low spot, so if I hosed down the inside of the garage, water would puddle up there and not drain out of the garage (as promised). When the cement guy came out, he filled in the low spot (i.e. raised it up), so water wouldn't stay there. An earlier post has some pix of the problem. After filling the low area, the water doesn't stand there now. The color of the cement however is not uniform. Since that area is covered by palettes and garden supplies, that is not a problem for me. jd


Martin said...

I want to thank Garage King for going well over the call of duty in assisting me from the first call of design to the handing over of the remotes for the garage door. Randy came out and actually placed them in our cars and showed us how to use them. I want to thank all of he staff for making are dream come true.
I sealed the floor and have parties and friends over. Its the largest most beautiful room on our property.

Wasburn said...

Thanks to all of the people who built our nice new 24x30 garage and did such a nice job on our concrete work.
Here is our final installment for all the great work you all did on the entire project!
It looks wonderful and you all did a superb job!
I'll be sure and spread the word about how professional it was all handled and done to our great satisfaction.
It you think of it, or have a small sign I could put in my garage window with your company name and address on it, send one to me and I'll put it up!
You guys all did a great job and I wanted to make sure you know just how much my and I appreciate it!

Laura said...

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Anonymous said...

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